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Mission Statement

Our philosophy is to provide quality communications training to the 9-1-1 industry, public safety and beyond.  We extend high quality curriculum combined with extremely qualified instructors.  Our focus is committed to advancing your training, answering your questions, and bestowing a sense of pride within our industry. Our motivation is YOU!


9-1-1: A Guide for Families of Those who Answer the Call

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Upcoming Classes

  • February 9 - Conflict Management - Auburn Hills, MI
  • February 10 - Nix the Negativity in the Workplace - Auburn Hills, MI
  • February 22 & 23 - Team Building - Detroit, MI
  • March 3 & 4 - Incivility: The Poison in the Workplace Water Cooler - Worcester, MA

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   From the desk of

  Kelly R. Rasmussen, PhD, CEO

Have you  Heard about the 9114911 conference? Listen here

Success Communications, Inc. started as a vision of bringing the 911 industry to a higher level and instilling a greater sense of professionalism. This remains true as we offer the most acclaimed courses, in person and online, that bring about effective change and increased potential for all attendees.

What happened next has been exhilarating and a sure sign of our acknowledged abilities. We now have more police, fire, EMS, and corrections agencies requesting a multitude of classes (and organizational development) to better prepare them for today's public safety jobs!

With trending topics, challenging classes, and critical-thinking-curriculum, why not choose the best of the best?

Become informed, make better decisions, and strive for peak performance to ensure safety.

 Answering your call,

 Dr. Kelly