Kelly R. Rasmussen is a proven leader in the public safety industry. In this book, she shows you the fast track to advancement. You can take years on the "trial and error" path or you can let Kelly show you how to get on the fast track to advancement with her "trial and success" method. This book is for every woman who KNOWS she can make a difference in the public safety industry!




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EBook: Finally, a book for the families of 9-1-1 professionals! This book will help give your loved ones a behind the scenes look at what you do and what they can do to support you in your awesome career.

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This tell-tale memoir covers over 20 years of behind the scenes 9-1-1 stories. It includes different types of calls, training exercises, funny calls, and more. 9-1-1, Who Will Answer Your Call? will have you laughing, crying, and inspired to communicate effectively within your own life. This book exemplifies the types of calls dispatchers answer and gives you an overall view of the career of a dispatcher, as well as the advancement in technologies to the field. It's serious, funny, sad, and uplifting while covering all realms of Public Safety.

Call 911! True Stories from My Life in Emergency Dispatch is a record of the nail-biting, true tales from a Michigan county emergency call center and a story of personal and professional growth of its author,Dr. Kelly Rasmussen. Through it all, you will learn the pressures and perks, the highs and lows, the gratifying successes and the heartbreaking failures that the average emergency dispatch operator must face every day as part of a very demanding job.In Call 911 Rasmussen assembles a collection of events from her career in emergency dispatch. When woven together these outline the story of one remarkable woman's personal journey on the road of leadership. On this journey she learns that leadership is more than just demand and direction; good, effective leadership also involves healthy doses of cooperation and compassion. As an integral part of the machinery that protects us all, she shares valuable lessons in communicating, listening and understanding the mechanics of people.

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58 minutes of spoken word inspiration created specifically for those who answer the call to 9-1-1. You are truly the first, first responder and without you, the rest of public safety would be lost. Thank you for doing the incredible job that you do.

EBook: Kelly R. Rasmussen specializes in Leadership. In fact, Leadership is her emphasis of study in her PhD program. Learn the 10 essential traits for great leaders to get to the top in their industy. Are you up for the challenge? This Ebook will show you the necessary traits to advance to the top of your industry as well as help you evaluate where you are currently along your path. 

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